About Us

Got Lunch! Rumney, is part of a state-wide effort to provide nutritious lunches to kids over the summer months who may not have adequate nutrition without this program.  Although the program is open to all school-age children, the target group is those children who are eligible for free or reduced-cost school lunches.

This effort began when a few Rumney residents became aware of similar programs in other communities and decided to tackle this need in Rumney.  The cost of the program is anticipated to be $110.00 per child per summer.  We welcome food donations (peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna, canned chicken, canned fruit juice, bread and perishable fruits and veggies); monetary donations; and labor!

We will meet every Monday morning during the summer vacation at Russell Elementary to pack and distribute lunches to all children who register for the program.  We will solicit through Russell Elementary and appreciate the support the school and school nurse are providing in assisting families in need of a bit of help through the summer.

Please contact us at GotLunchRumney@gmail.com or at 786-9896* if further information is needed or if you would like to donate or volunteer!

Barbara McElroy

Cindy Perry*

Maggie Brox

Melody Funk

Alice King

Mary Mirkin

Diana Paquette

Brooke Wisner

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact us @  gotlunchrumney@gmail.com or by phone at (603) 786-9896